Sour Suckness

Filmed and edited by Jonathan Lomar

Lomar came up with "Suckness" just a few months after premiering "The Sour Solution". It was a surprise to everyone, and yet another heavy cave party turned into a chaotic premier. "I guess we have another Sour video", said Bjorn. 

Josef Scott Jatta
Albert Nyberg
Barney Page
Nisse Ingemarsson
Simon Isaksson
Koffe Hallgren
Jonas Skroder
Daniel Spängs
Erik J Pettersson
Gustav Tonnesen

Additional filming: Thomas Winkle, Jack Thompson, Hadrien Buhannic, Anthony Roscini, Damia Tesorero, Nisse Ingemarsson, Alexander Jansson, William Engström, Jonathan Norberg

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